TIPI`S for CHILDREN 150 Usd / 120€




This children's tipi is suitable for the garden and for the playroom.


The polished pine poles have a length of 6 feet (200cm). The height of the tent is 5 feet (150cm), as is the 

With a diameter of 5 feet (150cm). 3-5 children can have fun in the mini-tipi!

The lower end of the poles are in small pockets in order to prevent any scratching of wood floors below.

At the bottom of the tipi are loops to secure it with stakes in the ground. It is not necessary for for the tent to be staked. They are there to provide additional support when you need. You can leave the tent throughout the summer in the garden.The fabric is


  • UV Resistant
  • waterproof
  • Permeability and
  • particularly mold resistant





It can be quickly pulled up like an umbrella at the end of the "play-day" and be put in the corner.

The fabric is removable. It can be folded and stored. If necessary you can wash it.